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Leinbach Machinery Attachments


Leinbach Machinery manufactures many agricultural attachments.  Leinbach attachments include Aerators, Bedders, Boom Poles, Box Blades Buckets, Cement Mixers, Cultivators, Fertilizer Spreaders, Goose Neck Trailer Hitches, Harrows, Hay Bale Forks, Hay Bale Spears, Hay Bale Elevators, Hay Rakes, Mowers, Plows, Post Hole Diggers, Scrape Blades, Sprayers, and Tillers.

Auger Post Hole Digger Attachmnets

Perhaps the most popular and acclaimed Leinbach attachments are their auger Post Hole Diggers.  Leinbach Machinery offers very high quality auger drill attachments, at extremely completive prices.  The value is spoken of by many agricultural professionals. 

These PTO driven auger attachments are available in various models depending on the job / equipment on hand.  Small scale do-it yourselfers, professional landscapers, and Commercial Farmers will all find a Leinbach Machinery Post Hole Digger / Auger Drill attachment to meet their specific demands.

Aerators - Plugging & Spiking

Leinbach Aerator - Pugger ModelThe Leinbach Aerators come in two different versions.  The Plugger (pictured left) is a great for reseeding any landscape, from backyards to large pastures.  These aerators attach to a tractor or host machine using the standard 3 point hitch, Category I, or standard pull hitch.  Tractors rated between 20 – 45 horsepower are ideal host machines. Once attached the 15 inch drum may be filled with water for added weight (approximately 225 lbs.) to really penetrate the ground ensuring proper air supply for stimulated root growth.  Sturdy construction with an affordable price, make this Leinbach Aerator a long lasting investment for any residential, commercial, or farming application.

The “Spiker” style aerator is also offered by Leinbach Machinery.  The 15 inch diameter drum, and either standard pull model or 3 point hitch Category 1 are similar to the plugger, the spiker model boasts heavy 3” x 3/8” teeth welded to the surface of the drum.  This aerator is offered in various models with widths ranging from 36” – 72”, and liquid capacity ranging from 21 – 55 gallons.   
An optional Wheel Kit is also available for aerator models made for the standard pull hitch.  The kit weighs 26 pounds, and can be bolted to the frame providing optional transportation.

Scrape Blade & Box Blade Attachments

The Scrape Blade attachment is offered in 6 different models. The Economy Angle/Compact, Angle L-LBR, Slider-SL, Swinging Offset-SO, King Kutter KK-HD-RB, and the Utility grader.  Most Scrape Blade attachments use either a 1 point or 3 point hitch system.  Models vary in cut width, and some also feature adjustability for dialing in angle, tilt, offset, and direction.  From the very simple applications, to versatile commercial use, check your dealer for the best suitable model. 

Box blade attachments are the standard / compact, box scrape heavy duty, box scrape deluxe, and land leveler.  The first 3 versions attach to your tractor using the 3 point hitch system, have removable ripping shanks, and range from 4 feet wide to 8 feet.  The land leveler is the only model using the flat hitch, has no shanks, and is available in widths 8, 10, 12 feet.

Gooseneck Trailer Hitch 3 Point attachmentGoose Neck Trailer Hitch / Receiver Tractor Attachment

How convenient is that?  A must have for any farmer or trailer owner.  Use the 3 point hitch on your tractor to mount Leinbach Machinery’s receiver and Goose neck attachment.  The receiver will accept any standard insert with mounted ball hitch, or flat hitch.  Boat trailer, equipment trailer, hay trailer, camper, ATV trailer, enclosed motorcycle trailer, move them around in a fraction of the time with your tractor instead. 

Harrows, Bedders, Plows, Tillers, & Cultivators

Harrows are available as disc, tine, or chain.  All disc harrows along with the tine model are attached to a tractor via 3 point linkage system.  The chain harrow is attached using a standard pull hitch.  Disc diameter ranges from 16 inch – 20 inch.   The number of discs and overall width vary with model.

Bedders are available in 3 different models, and designed for single row gardening.  Features include disc hillers, optional furrow attachment, and adjustable shanks to remove tractor tire tracks.

Leinbach Plow Tractor AttachmentLeinbach carries 4 models of plow attachments.  The 19-12 Compact or “turning” plow, the 81 one bottom, the 82 two bottom, and the Potato/Compact are each durable, well designed plows.

When it comes to Tiller attachments for your tractor, Leinbach has you covered.  Ten rotary tiller models include MZ2S, MZ2, MZ4, MZ4S, MZ6, MZ10, MZ15C, RH2, RH4, and RH6. All Leinbach tillers attach to your tractor using the 3 point hitch and derive its power from the PTO.  Cut widths range from 34” up to 120” and cut as deep as 10 inches.   Check with your dealer for tractor horse power requirements.

Cultivator attachments are offered in 5 models.  Pulverize and stir up the soil in the field or your garden.  Leinbach cultivators feature strong steal, beefy welds, adjustable shanks, and optional furrows.


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Non-Powered Attachments
Boom Poles
Box Scrapers
Chain Harrows
Disk Harrows
Drag Harrows
Hay Equipment
Landscape Rakes
Tractor Plows
Utility Grader
3pt. Hitch Receivers

PTO Powered Attachments
Cement Mixers
Disk Mowers
Finishing Mowers
Harley Rakes
Rotary Tillers
Straw Blowers

Hydraulic Powered Attachments

PTOs & Safety

A power take-off (PTO) is a splined driveshaft, usually on a tractor or truck, that can be used to provide power to an attachment or separate machine. It is designed to be easily connected and disconnected. A PTO allows implements to draw energy from a tractor's engine. PTOs and associated shafts and universal joints are a common cause of accidents, injuries, and death in farming and industry. A great deal of tractor related fatalities in the USA involve PTOs. When a piece of clothing touches a spinning PTO or joint it can be pulled around, and the person wearing it can also be pulled around the shaft, often resulting in loss of limbs or death. Some implements use plastic guards to try to keep a person from becoming entangled in a PTO shaft, but even with guards caution around spinning PTO shafts is imperative.

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Essential Leinbach Attachments for Tractors

Leinbach Auger post hole digger Tractor Auger Post Hole Digger
One of the most popular Leinbach attachments on the market. Great for making short work of putting up a fence!

Watch Video Here
leinbach Disc Harrow Tractor Attachment

Leinbach Disc Harrow Model 97
designed for cutting ground with tractors up to 40 horsepower.  It will disc the garden or cut up a deer plot. The three point hitch is category one.  The Model 97-16 is 5' 4" cutting width and the 97-20 is 6' 9" cutting width.

Watch Video Here

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